Time-consuming tasks are gone. Assembly Composer takes care of all boring work

Manual work

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Creating assembly plan requires a lot of planning and preparation
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Requires understanding of complicated tools
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After plan is created, it needs to go through costly approval process
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If some part changes, assembly plan needs to be adjusted manually

Assembly Composer

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Drag and drop your STEP files and start working right away
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Simple UI enables anyone to create an assembly plan
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Assembly Composer minimizes the amount of errors you can make
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Automatically adjusting assembly plan

Discover how we can simplify your assembly process

No need for CAD knowledge, Get onboarded in hours, instead of months

Our team simplified complex tools for an interface that allows even non-technical users to create assembly plans in minutes

Screenshot of the Assemblio interface indicating the selection of a 'Project'.

The only tool on the market that ensures error-proof assembly planning

Our unique approach to assembly, using reverse-engineering and gamification, makes it impossible to make mistakes

Interface of the Assemblio interface highlighting the selection of an 'Assemblio Plan'.

Manage product stages all within our application

The Assembly Composer enables you to manage project stages, ensuring an error-proof system

Assemblio interface displaying the status labels 'Draft', 'In Progress', and 'Approved'."

Get assembly plans in the file format that best suits your company's needs

The Assembly Composer automatically generates assembly plans in PDF, video, and 3D interactive formats

A notification window displaying options to export a PDF document and a video plan.
Want to get assembly plan in interactive 3D format?
Check assembly assistant
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The future of assembly planning is close to our hearts and we use all our passion and energy to shape it

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Alexander Neb
CEO of Assemblio

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