No more manual assembly plan management, centralize your plans with our fully digital assistant

Traditional methods

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Assembly plans are often really difficult to understand
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When the product is updated, assembly plan has to be recreated
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Documents require many specific descriptions to make sure everything is understandable
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You can access assembly plan only via PDF or paper document

Assembly Assistant

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Search and file management helps find your plan in seconds
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Automatically adjusts the assembly plans after any updates you make
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3D visualization reduces the occurrence of errors
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Assembly plan can be seen on monitor or tablet immediately when it’s ready

Discover how we can simplify your assembly production process

View parts from every angle

Thanks to a lightweight and simple interface, you can easily check a part or the entire item from any angle you prefer

Assemblio interface demonstrating the ability to view all parts from various angles.

Forget about thousands of files in different locations, everything is in one place

Based on the experience of our in-field engineers, we've developed a file management system that enables you to easily overview all your projects

Screenshot of the Assemblio interface indicating the selection of a 'Project'.

Get access to your assembly plan anywhere you are

With the Assembly Assistant, you can visualize and access all your assembly plans anywhere, whether on a tablet or desktop

Screenshot of the Assemblio interface showing multiple projects
Keep in mind our assistant works only with Assembly Composer
Check Assembly Composer
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The future of assembly planning is close to our hearts and we use all our passion and energy to shape it

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Alexander Neb
CEO of Assemblio

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